Mistress and Cupcake and famous friends

Here you can See Me and cupcake hanging out with Steve Zing the Bassist from Danzig and Samhain and Blak 29 aswell as Johnny Kelly the ex drummer from Type o Negative and current drummer for Danzig/Silvertomb aswell as Dan Tracey From Blak29 and Ofcourse Doyle and alex wolfman story and Our Friends from Dingbatz Bar in NJ also Tommy Victor from Prong and Danzig too and Mezzy and the guys from HeadMotor Motorhead tribute band Here We are again this Past week as We had alot of concerts to go to..We saw the Original Misfits aswell as the Band Prong 2x in 1 week So we were hanging out with our Famous friends again: Here is Mistress Candy with the Drummer From Prong Art Cruz here is Mistress and Cupcake hanging with Gabe and SteveZing and His fiancee Lana with our Friends Here Is MistressCandy69 hanging with Tommy Victor Of Prong outside of Debonair Music Hall in Teaneck NJ on 5/26/18